It has been 11 years since the first day the Taiwanese government kick started the food waste management scheme. The Environmental Protection Administration of Taiwan (EPA) is supporting the diversity and quality in the recycling of food waste, for example the production of dry animal food or the anaerobic fermentation of food waste to produce biomass-energy and the circulation of quality certificates for compost and fertiliser products.

According to EPA report, by 2009, which is after eight years of promoting food waste recycling, the nation recycles an amount of food waste equivalent to the volume of waste processed daily in two 900-tonne incineration plants. The EPA is seeking cooperation with private compost treatment facilities and professionals that use specialized composting technology to process food waste into high quality organic compost.

For more, please visit EPA full report ‘ Encouraging Private Composting of Food Waste ‘. More information can be found in EPA website (Chinese version is more comprehensive).

Source of information: EPA

Image: : via CC | (TW)