Organization: World Vision Hong Kong

Detail: Participants may join the 30 hours famine experience camp (quota: 3,200 pax. 1,800 pax with camp provided). First come first served. Minimum donation for  30 hours famine experience camp will be HK$ 1,200.

World Vision has been organising famine events for almost 30 years in Hong Kong. It is because we believe that famine participants will be more passionate about fundraising when they themselves experience hunger. This act of solidarity can also raise awareness of hunger among their friends and family, and demonstrate to those in need that Hong Kong citizens care. Ever since the first “30-Hour Famine” held in 1984, this annual event has developed to include many other activities. For details please refer to World Vision Hong Kong’s website.

Date:  12 April 2:00 pm – 13 April 8:00 pm,  2014

Online Registration: Click Here

Enrollment deadline:  12 March 2014

Details:Click Here

Nature: Fund-raising

Region: Hong Kong

Source of Information:  World Vision Hong Kong