Angie Chiu is a popular and renowned actress; after placing as a runner-up in a Miss Hong Kong Pageant, she thereafter commenced her illustrious career in the performing arts. She has starred in many classic television serial dramas.

On the charitable and public service front, Chiu is firstly an active associate member of the Wai Yin Association in Hong Kong. Over the years, Chiu has also participated in many fund-raising events for Oxfam Hong Kong, serving as the group’s ambassador for their annual Charity Sale. She has also acted as a fund-raising consultant to the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children.

For relief efforts for the May 12, 2008 Sichuan earthquake, Chiu has not only auctioned her hand-made ceramic pieces for charity, but also produced at her own expense an upbeat encouraging song Heading Towards a Better Tomorrow for fund-raising purposes. The single hit as so far raised close to HK$110 million for reconstruction in the affected Sichuan disaster areas and is currently included in a CD produced by the PRC’s Central People’s Radio Station comprising of 10 popular songs produced for Sichuan fund-raising.

Locally, CD copies of the song has been gratuitously provided by Angie to primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong for the purpose of encouraging youngsters to value and make the most of their own lives and to care for those less fortunate.

Causes Supported:
Children & Youth, Elderly, Emergency Relief, Environment & Conservation, Health & Medicine, Poverty, Religion, Education, Women

Source of Information:
Wai Yin Association
Hong Kong Art & Design Festival

Photo Credit: efubo.com.cn