Adamma Umeofia, founder of a design centred social enterprise WeBuilt: Africa when she was still an architecture student with UCLA.

On each trip to the bustling local market, Ada saw a powerful opportunity: grimy market stalls sold the best local produce, but created a shopping experience that left much to be desired. With a better designed market stall, she thought, everyone could win: shoppers would enjoy the experience, and traders would sell more of their products.

Ada thus founded WeBuilt: Africa, a social enterprise that sits at the intersection of her passion for Africa, design, and architecture. WeBuilt: Africa seeks to design and rebuild market stalls by recycling found building materials. Ada’s designs have the potential to revolutionise the marketplace experience for sellers and buyers alike; while eventually, to build homes with recycled building materials across the slums of its many countries.

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Source: UCLA Her Campus, Zeitgeist Young MindsWeBuilt: Africa