Yang Jiang,(楊絳), is known as wife of famous Chinese literary scholar and writer Qian Zhongshu (錢鐘書). Yang is also a renowned Chinese playwright, author, and translator. She has written several successful comedies, and was the first Chinese person to produce a complete Chinese version of Don Quixote from the Spanish original.

At the age of 100, Yang has published an article in Chinese(《一百歲感言》) where she concluded “life is full of obstacles and at the end of day, one will realise that the best moment in life is when we are calm and peace with our inner-self… we were once fighting for being recognised, but later we will know, your world only belongs to you, it is nothing to do with the other.”

While most of us live and grow up in a city like Hong Kong, every thing needs to be fast – people walk really fast, eat really fast, working so hard everyday and wish to be known, fighting for money and authority… yet, what for? Have you even stopped a bit, looking at the scenery right next to you? Is it really what you want ultimately? Or it is something else?

If you have a dream, don’t wait till you are 100. Don’t be afraid and start taking action now! Your World is created by yourself, not the other.

For Yang’s original article, please refers to the Chinese version.

Photo: Shangdu.com