Connoisseur Groceries is the result of a rethinking of our modern lifestyle. It is a traditional market store that sells locally produced, organic, fair trade and eco-friendly goods.

Being ‘Green’ should not be just a slogan. It is a way of life. Hong Kong has many traditional practices and foods. But these are fading away. These are things that Connoisseur Groceries value. They hope to keep them alive and popular. Hong Kong produces far more than money and property and financial wealth. Connoisseur Groceries hope for a sustainable economy. They also want to share their contribution in ending poverty by the way of supporting fair trade.

Connoisseur Groceries supports green living via all the way from the 3R – reduce, recycle and reuse. They promote waste reduction by providing unpackaged goods that you can buy by the gram, so one can buy only as much as you need. They also encourage consumers to bring their own bag and container by offering a 5% discount or a small gift.  They otherwise will wrap the dry goods in paper or in a paper bag and wet goods (sauces etc) will be placed in recycled and cleaned jars for you.

They also encourage consumers to return the used Connoisseur brand soy milk bottles and tofu trays by offering them a $1 discount upon their new purchase. Collected bottles and trays will be sent to So Soap and The Mushroom Initiative who make good use of them.

Address:NM131, 1/F Bowrington Road Market (North Block) , . Hong Kong
Operation Hours : Mon – Sun: 10:00 – 19:00
Phone:  6701 1063

Source:  Heng Dong Dong facebook唔幫襯地產商的聖誕 facebook
Image:  Heng Dong Dong facebook