Organization: NICE (Never-ending International workCamps Exchange)

Details: Though Onuma Lake has been a popular tourism spot for a long time because of its beautiful scenery, it has been polluted by over use of agricultural chemicals by cattle farming and erosion from abandoned forests with non-native trees. A leader of Fishermen’s Cooperative has bought a forest and wants to revive it to original nature! We will cut alien trees and planting native trees to create better forest around the lake. As raising awareness of locals is important, we will also work along the lake by putting stones, check the pollution and making charcoals to purify the water. Also, volunteers will harvest tomato, potato, etc. Volunteer will join some local festivals to involve local people in this lake conservation movement.

Background: Organized together with Milestone 22, a local NGO to promote voluntary service and international exchange. Short term projects have been organized since 2004.

Duration: 21/07-16/09/2012

Website: Click Here

Nature: Workcamp

Region: Asia/International

Source of Information: Website of NICE