Organizer:Wai Ji Christian Service

Details:Volunteers can help our service units to carry out indoor or outdoor activities, provide assistance to our large-scale programmes such as flag day, charity walk and sports day on the day they are held, accompany service users to see the doctor or take part in an activity, lead a course or an interest class, take up secretarial work and be a supporter to our service users in the role of a friend.

Background:The mission of Wai Ji Christian Service is to reflect God’s love for people with disabilities by offering them support, encouraging their efforts to integrate into society, defending their rights and liberties, and empowering them to make contributions to the community at large. To this end the organization seeks to develop and maintain a diverse yet innovative range of services, facilities, programmes, research and educational activities, in partnership with the families of people with disabilities and with the wider community.

Duration : Recruiting throughout the year

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Region:Hong Kong

SourceWai ji Christian Service’s website