Organization: Volunteer Action for Peace (VAP) / VPV Vietnam

Detail: Volunteers will help to teach English and organize educational activities for children in the school. The volunteers also do some renovation work for the school.

Background: Vinh Son institution was built on March 3rd, 1991 from a “piggery” in Binh Thanh district. This project is a free primary school for children that their families have no condition to send them to public schools. At the moment, there are about 120 children aged 6 to 16 joining 6 classes. These children from many districts in Ho Chi Minh City, even some of them take almost 2 hours to get to this school. After class, many children have to help their parents earn money by selling lottery tickets, collecting scrap (nylon bag, plastic, glass…) or looking after baby of neighbours.

Duration: 06/08 – 18/08/2012

Website: Click Here (Search “Country: Vietnam” on top of the table)

Nature: Educational/Hands-on

Region: Vietnam / International

Source of Information: VAP’s website