Organization: Volunteer Action for Peace (VAP) / VPV Vietnam

Detail: Volunteers help to build walls around the schools, renovating water and sanitation facilities and decorate children’s classroom to make them more vivid and fun. The space next to the building will need clearing, then be converted to an organic garden.

Background: Phu Ninh Community is located in the rural area which is 100kms far from Hanoi Capital in the middle of the rice paddies. The project aims to renovate water and sanitation facilities in all primary schools in this rural area. There is great need of manual labour and resources improve life of local children. This school is in the mountainous area which means that the children usually come from poor agricultural family’s that cannot afford a lot for the school.

Duration: 13/08 – 25/08/2012

Website: Click Here (Search “Country: Vietnam” on top of the table)

Nature: Hands-on

Region: Vietnam / International

Source of Information: VAP’s website