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Sower’s Action Walk for Children 2013

Sower’s Action Walk for Children fund raising campaign is seeking participants to join them for the 50km walk and school visit in Yunnan, China this December. Fund raised will be used to support the operation of “Sower’s Action Shui Fun Children Center” (「水富苗圃」兒童福利院). For details, please click HERE.

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Sower’s Action

Sower’s Action believes that education is a partial cure for poverty and that transforming the burden of a huge population into an intellectual resource is beneficial to the progress of society.

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Fredric Mao

Fredric Mao set up Fredric Mao Scholarship to support talented performers. He also raised fund for Sowers Action with a view to re-building schools ruined in the Sichuan Earthquake for children to study again.

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