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Hong Kong AIDS Foundation

Inspired by a great concern for the well-being and health of our community, the mission of the Hong Kong AIDS Foundation is to limit the spread of HIV infection in the community and provide support to those affected by HIV/AIDS.

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American Nepal Medical Foundation

ANMF is the firm belief of the foundation that as with the problems in any other field, the primary responsibility of resolving Nepal’s health problems lies with the Nepali people including medical professionals. There can be no substitute for their own commitment and action in Nepal. However, as a U.S. based nonprofit organization, the foundation is committed to supporting the Nepali people’s ongoing efforts to enhance their health status. ANMF will focus on improving the quality of medical care, medical education and medical research in Nepal.

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TargetCancer promotes the development of lifesaving treatment protocols for rare cancers. Through fundraising, outreach, and advocacy, TargetCancer supports those living with rare cancers and funds research initiatives at the forefront of cancer treatment – efforts that treat the individual as well as the disease.

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Diabetes Hongkong

Diabetes Hongkong aims to serve all people with diabetes and their families, to promote social awareness and concern towards diabetes, and to strive for optimal care and prevention of the disease.

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Help Actually

Help Actually is a not profit organization which was formed by people who have experienced traffic accident. The organization offers voluntary helps to victims / the left behind relatives, including medical and legal consultation.

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