Organization: Hong Kong AIDS Foundation
Introduction:  Their mission is to curb the spread of HIV infection. Throughout the years, they have been actively engaged in the promotion of AIDS education, the provision of service, and the nurturing of a harmonious and caring environment for those infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS.
Year of Establishment: 1991
Leading Campaigns: Projects on HIV prevention for populations at higher risk such as men having sex with men, cross-border travellers; running voluntary HIV counselling and testing; and providing care and support for people living with HIV (PLHIV). Education and publicity campaigns and activities for the general public in particular young people and involve them in the fight against HIV/AIDS as volunteers.
Service: In the local community, we have been providing HIV preventive education for the general public, youth and populations at higher risk; running HIV counselling and testing for people at risk; and providing support services for people living with HIV (PLHIV). In the mainland, we have been providing capacity building and technical support for AIDS workers as well as assistance for those affected by HIV and living in poverty.  Providing Other Services: Education on HIV prevention; Publicity to promote an inclusive and caring environment for the affected; and Services for people living with HIV.
Region: Hong Kong and the Mainland
Source: Hong Kong AIDS Foundation’s website