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CEDAR Barefoot Walk 2013

CEDAR Fund is targeted to recruit 600 participants walking barefoot in Ma On Shan and raising 600k HKD for supporting children development programmes in Asian and African countries including India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. Application Deadline: 25th October 2013

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A Drop of Life Charity Walk in South XinJian 2013

The Charity Walk in South XinJian 2013 campaign aimed to raise HK$1,500,000 to support the water supply over Northwest China, particular the schools and villages. Construction works include small reservoirs , water cellars and other water supply equipment to solve water shortage problems. Participants have to complete the walk for 100 km in 9 days. Application deadline: 30 Aug 2013

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Wu Zhi Xing 2012

The 2nd Charity Walk will be happened at Tai Tam Waterworks Heritage Trail on 25 Nov 2012 (SUN) to raise fund and unite the efforts and caring hearts from tertiary institutions, and to improve the lives of the villagers by building footbridges in remote villages in rural China. Enrollment deadline: 26 Oct 2012

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