The brand Puma will try to conform to the new market’s evolutions and will present a green line clothing and footwear, things that some other sportswear brands like Nike and Addidas already presented.

Although Puma has been recognized several times for its environmental efforts in reports of the United Nations, the brand had not yet presented its own vision of “eco clothing.” The serie includes 22 products which are made from biodegradable polymers, recycled polymers and organic cotton. The purpose is to help reduce the amount of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and hazardous materials commonly used in synthetic clothing. As for the sports shoes, they will be manufactured so that they can be transformed into compost after 6 to 9 months.

Alongside, similar to what another Japanese casual wear brand Uniqlo did, the Puma has also organized an initiative for the return of used clothes. Customers will have the possibility to bring back end of life clothes / shoes in the brand’s stores for recycling.

Source: Yahoo! HK News

Photo: Puma Official Facebook Page