Fast, crisp, easy-to-grow spring and fall radishes sown directly in the garden are ready to eat in less than a month! For best quality, grow them in cool weather, keep the soil constantly moist and harvest them as soon as the roots become plump. Radishes grow best when temperatures range between 18 -22 degrees celsius.


•  When preparing the planting bed, loosen the soil 6 to 10 inches deep, and mix in good compost or well-rotted manure.
•  Sow seeds a half inch deep and 1 inch apart, in rows spaced 12 inches apart.
•  Seeds typically sprout in three to seven days when sown in soil. Once sprouts can be seen, place the plot somewhere with more sunlight.
•  It takes another week to have the leaves grown. When there are about 4-5 leaves per seed, reposition them to 2 inches apart.
•  Add soil to protect and keep the plants in good position.
•  3 weeks after seeding may add solid form fertilisers.
•  Keep the soil constantly moist while radishes are growing. Cool, moist soil is the key to growing a good crop.
•  When the plants grow stronger and taller, add fluid fertilisers in every 10 days.
•  In about a month time, the roots are going to expose to the surface and the radishes are ready

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