Today, there are about 92% of vegetables in Hong Kong come from Mainland China. Yet recent report shows that obtaining food across the broader may no longer be enough to feed Hong Kong. So, what should be the solution?

More and more people are looking to buy organic and today there are more than 400 organic farms in Hong Kong. According to the Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre, one third of the population buys organic food at least once a week and the number is growing.

For many people, trusting your food source is the key. “Why not connect local consumers with local producers, for these great products being grown here but a lot of people didn’t know about…Hong Kong is facing a problem that as our agricultural land is shrinking, the demand for clean and save food is growing. By supporting local organic agriculture would really encourage the farmers but also in a way to let the government knows that this is what we want in the community.”, said Todd Darling, owner of Homegrown Foods.

But there is a constant fight for the space in Hong Kong. It is one of the most  densely populated cities in the world. Farmland comes at a premium, so some people found a solution – rooftop farming.  Rooftop gardening isn’t a new concept, like City Farm, where they teach people how to grow their own organic vegetables on the rooftop high above the chaos. But for Osbert Lam, organizer of City Farm, the most important part is the relationship between people and food.

“I think this is the most effective way of learning food… In the city, it is very important for the people to have such consciousness about food… if the food quality and supply is not good, then the whole community suffers.” said Osbert.

So, what will be the faith of organic farming in Hong Kong? We will see.

Source: CNN News