Organization: SEEDS Iceland

Detail: we will assist in preparing vegetable gardens, care for pigs, hens, ducks, a cow and a horse – all being a part of the areas sustainability. These projects may also include traditional food and drink preparation, like smoking, curing, cheese making and even ale brewing.

A new task for us will be collecting down from the eider ducks and making bird habitats.  Our host is planning to build a barn and we will assist him with that. We might also build shelter and fences for the animals and clean the coastline.

Background: SEEDS Volunteers will be working in the east at a Nature & Heritage centre, doing different tasks, helping the centre become as sustainable as possible. SEEDS volunteers have been assisting this project for some years now and our main tasks will be reforestation & soil erosion prevention

Duration: 27.08.2012  10.09.2012

Website: Click Here

Nature: Hands-on

Region: Iceland / International

Source of Information: SEEDS’s website