Organization: SEEDS Iceland

Detail: The group will take turns wearing a whale costume and walk around downtown Reykjavík. One part of our project is also to let pedestrians try on the costume and take pictures. This project is fun loving, friendly and peaceful. We encourage each volunteer to come prepared with some ideas of awareness rising for this project, to discuss with the group and implement.

Background: The purpose of this project is to raise awareness among tourists (and locals) that by tasting whale meat in Icelandic restaurants they encourage whaling. The truth is that most Icelanders have never tasted whale meat and do not intend to do so. In a survey made by Gallup in 2007, 86% of those asked had not purchased whale meat in the last 12 months; however 67% where in favour of commercial whaling.

Duration: 30.07.2012  12.08.2012; 13.08.2012  26.08.2012

Website: Click Here

Nature: Hands-on

Region: Iceland / International

Source of Information: SEEDS’s website