Ajitora (http://www.ajitora.asia)is a PR character of DotAsia. Born from the Internet when the Himalayas were connected by wifi, Ajitora (“Aji”) zips across cyberspace by traversing the dotted world from .NP to .CN to .Asia. Aji is a cheerful, energetic and curious tiger on a journey to meet new friends and trace his own roots. Jumping through javascripts online, our cyberspace tiger found himself a name combining “aji”+“tora” to represent both “King of the Cyber Jungle” as well as “Asia Tiger”. Inspired by tigers’ symbolic meanings for sustainable development and a collaborative Asia, the Ajitora movement is not only about tigers, but about bringing awareness of how we are all connected. As the Asian Tiger economies roar forward in the Asia Century ahead, our wildlife, technology and policy environments should be Roaring Forward Together!

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