Ladies made up with cosmetic products for confidence in different occasions while beauty trends changes seasons by seasons. However,  as a fast consuming product, make-up accounted for 18.2 percent of global cosmetic market. However, more than 120 billion units of waste & packaging per year are produced by the global cosmetics industry. Ameenah Begum, a 23-year old product design student from University of Sussex, England has developed a method to transform recycled cosmetic palettes into sustainable watercolour paints, which provides a sustainable alternative for cosmetic retailers which are currently sending damaged or unused products to landfill.

Ameenah develops upcycled watercolour paint with a cosmic shimmer, made from waste cosmetics in a travel friendly box designed and tested with artists.

Ameenah Begum said, “The scale of the beauty industry worldwide and the continuing speed of its growth in the near future means there is a real need to make its products more sustainable and reduce their waste footprint. One Brighton store told me they fill up a refuse bag of unsold colour cosmetics every three months and that is just one store in one city. I hope artists will love adding Cos Watercolours to their palette while knowing they are doing their bit for the planet and that beauty companies will see the huge benefits of reducing the amount of materials they send to landfill, whilst also potentially making money from a circular economy model.” (Source: Europawire)

As a result, she developed Cos Watercolors, a series of watercolors of powder, eye shadow and creams. As a graduate this year, she is ready to start her own label Ameenah by design (still under construction) and collaborates with artists currently. Look forward to much more of your shimmer collection to come!

Recycled makeup

This student is transforming recycled makeup, which would otherwise end up in a landfill, into watercolor paints.

Posted by Mashable on Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Source of Information: Mashable / Europawire

PhotoCredit: University of Sussex / Ameenahbydesign

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