Kelly Chen is a Hong Kong Cantopop singer and actress, who has also been known as a diva in Asia. She has a great success in Asia Entertainment industry and won a number of awards. She was voted Most Popular Female Singer from 1999 to 2000 and Most Popular Female Singer all over Asia from 2001 to 2006.

Chen has been involved in a number of charitable activities, and served as an ambassador for a number of causes including environmental protection, education, and children’s causes, including UNICEF, Hong Kong Red Cross, etc. She was appointed a Hong Kong Goodwill Ambassador in 1998. After years of serving other funds, she finally started her own Kelly Chen Children Education Fund in 2002 to raise money to help needy children. Chen was soon appointed by the Hong Kong Correctional Services Department as the Ambassador of The Rehabilitation. Chen was awarded as one of Hong Kong’s Ten Outstanding Young Persons in 2002. She also received the The Outstanding Young Persons of the World in 2004, become the first ever Hong Kong female artist receiving such award.

Causes Supported:
Animals Protection, Children & Youth, Elderly, Emergency Relief, Disable, Poverty, Education

Source of Information:
The official website of Kelly Chen

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