Organization: WildAid, WWF, National Geographic Channel / NatGeo WILD and SharkSavers are thrilled to band together to jointly launch the “I’m FINished” campaign here, because Hong Kong is one of the largest per capita consumers of shark fin soup in the world, and the number one trading hub for the global shark fin trade.

Details: The mission of this campaign is to empower Hong Kongers, to educate and inform their circles of influence about the plight of sharks; that the unsustainable consumption of shark fin soup is responsible for the intense overfishing of sharks worldwide, destroying a critical link in the maintenance of healthy commercial fisheries and global marine ecosystems.

By saying “I’m FINished” with shark fin soup, individuals can reverse the shark fin consumption trend, not just in Hong Kong, but in Asia and the rest of the world. Together we can prevent the catastrophic collapse of shark populations worldwide, protect the health of our oceans, and ensure a brighter future for mankind.


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Region: Hong Kong

Source of information: Shark Savers