Organisation: JCI City Lady (HK)

Details: Organised by JCI City Lady (HK) with support from the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association, Green Power, Green Sense as well as Go.Asia,  Little Hand Loves Earth 2018 is a program to educate our children about sustainability and promote green living in the community. As everyone living is suffering from the dangers and disasters incurred from global warming, the environmentalists are advocating low carbon living to achieve 3R (Reduce/ Reuse / Recycle) objectives. The main theme of  Little Hand Loves Earth this year is to anchor the concept of “Low Carbon lifestyle” by featuring 6 principles of low carbon eating habits via food education and approachable ways to reduce our carbon footprint as well as food mile so as to reduce our damage to our earth.

Meanwhile, a survey called “Survey on the impact of students’ selection of snack on carbon emission in Hong Kong” is launched in April 2018 which targets primary 4 to secondary 3 students’ understanding about how would their choice of food affect our environment.


As for public event, there will be an open day with screening, exhibitions and workshops for free and all families and friends are welcome to participate to get more insight to implement low carbon living in practice, details are as follows:-

Date:April 29, 2018 (Sun)
Time:12:00 – 18:00 (Free admission, on First come first served basis)
Venue:Meadow English (西營盤第二街)

“Survey on the impact of students’ selection of snack on carbon emission in Hong Kong”: Click Here

Source of Information: Little Hand Loves Earth