Organiser: HER Fund

Detail: HER Fund is the only community fund to advance women’s human rights & gender equality by grant making and capacity building in Hong Kong. She works to achieve freedom from discrimination, poverty, violence, & to promote women’s civil participation. We will co-organize the second “HER Human Library” with the Centre for Social Policy Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University on21 February 2016 to promote:

Direct DialogueFree from Prejudice
Some women are being labeled because of their race, type of work, gender identity, sexual orientation, migration status and so on. And “HER Human Library” hopes to tackle these labeling and prejudices by creating equal and sincere dialogues between “Human Books” and “Readers”. The activity will invite seven marginalized women as Human Books to share their life stories and interact with participants.

After the dialogue, “Readers” can join as “HER Readers Club” members, and learn more about gender and women’s issues, and are welcome to bring in different innovative ideas to promote gender human rights work together with HER Fund !

【Event Details:】
Date: 21 February 2016 (SUN)
Time: 1:30-5:30PM
Venue: GH201, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Registration: Please fill in this online registration form
Enquiry: Tel  27941100 / Email  [email protected]

【“Human Books” List:】

Theme Human Book
Freedom from Violence Migrant Domestic Worker” living in shelter after experiencing maltreatment
One-Women Brothel Sex Worker” who works in an isolated environment
Freedom from Discrimination Young Mother” who chose to drop out from school and give birth to her daughter
Male to Female Transgender Person” who is a Taekwondo black-belt coach
Working & Breast Feeding Mother” who experienced discrimination at work
Freedom from Poverty Grassroots Carer” who is a new immigrant from Mainland China
Promoting Civil Participation Young Woman District Councilor” who hopes to bring in democratic values into the community

More Information: “HER Human Library” Official Blog  |  HER Fund facebook