Organisation: Chinachem Group

Chinachem Group has conscientiously devised a wide range of inclusive activities, including Chinachem Eco-walk, one of the largest single-day eco activities in Hong Kong. Since its debut in 2011, the Eco-walk has garnered the support of more than 24,000 participants from all walks of life to embrace the green Hong Kong. This year , with the theme “My Sweet Home”, the Eco-walk not only promotes social harmony and conservation but also creates quality family time for participants. Getting a glimpse of what life was like for miners and their families living in former Ma On Shan Village, participants can better understand the importance of family and strong neighborhood bonds.

With the mission of co-creating the best homes for all, Chinachem will match every dollar of donation without administrative expenses deducted, all proceeds of the Eco-walk will be donated to Hong Kong Mining Heritage and Eco Tour by Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service – Hong Kong.


Date: 4 November 2018

Time: 9am to 5pm

Location: Ma On Shan Country Park

Route 1: Leisure Walkers

Ma On Shan Country Park -> ELCHK Grace Youth Camp -> 240ML Mine Hole

Distance: 3KM

Total Time: 60 mins

Route 2: Challengers

Ma On Shan Country Park ->240ML Mine Hole -> Ngong Ping Viewing Point ->  ELCHK Grace Youth Camp

Distance: 7.4KM

Total Time: 2 hours 13 minutes

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Deadline of Application: Oct 29, 2018(Mon)

Enquiries: 2500 7347  or  Email: [email protected]

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