Organisation: SPCA (HK)


As the Hong Kong Ambassador for World Animal Day on October 4 , the SPCA launched its “Aniform Day” campaign since 2015. In its fourth year, the campaign aims to promote harmonious coexistence with animals in our community. This year  the “Aniform Day” will be held on October 5 (Friday) and the SPCA (HK) is encouraging all Hong Kong supporters and animal lovers  to wear animal-print outfit and / or accessories as a pledge  for a animal-friendly society! You may also invite families and friends on that day to make a donation and support “Aniform Day”.

With just HK$100 in donation, donor can be entitled with a limited edition pin of either a dog, cat or rabbit.

· $100 donation will subsidise us to give an education talk to 2 kids for grooming the new generation with love.
· $500 donation will subsidise us to provide 1 community talk that promotes Responsible Pet Ownership to pet owners and ease the conflicts between pet owners and non-pet owners.
· $900 donation will subsidise us to desex one street cat to control the stray cat population.
· $2,000 donation will help subsidise the cost of desexing one mongrel to deal with the issues of unwanted puppies in the community.

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