Organisation: HKCNP

Details: The “Oct 17 Fast-a-Meal Movement” has been launched in Hong Kong since 2014, aiming at arousing the interest of general public to the United Nation’s International Day for the Eradication of Poverty dated Oct  17 and the HKCNP “10.10.10. Anti-Poverty Campaign” in Oct. Participants were invited to work together to overcome extreme poverty and take practical action to address the problem of deprivation. Stepping to the 5th year, 1017 Campaign would like to gather opinions on root causes of poverty from different sectors of community in Hong Kong. HKCNP hopes that the participants can express their opinions to alleviate poverty problem through artwork and video in different aspects.

Categories & Themes:

  1. Kindergarten Group (Colouring): Elderly and Kids Living in the Community in Harmony
  2. Primary 1-3 Group and 4-6 Group (Painting ): My Dream Home
  3. Secondary 1-3 Group and 4-6 Group (Video): Caring the Poor, Sharing Resources 
  4. Open Category (Video): Walking Together in Poverty

Forms of Works:
1. Colouring – Originals available in colour pencils, size: A4, the first stage of the trial please submit a scan or take color file samples.

2. Painting – Originals available in any colours, size: A3, the first stage of the trial please – submit a scan or take color file samples.

3. Video – 3-min video, video in HD resolution, video contents can be singing, drawing, storytelling, micro film, etc. , video has to be uploaded to Youtube

Application Deadline: August 15, 2018

Group Online Application:Click Here 

Individual Online Application:Click Here

Kindergarten Group Registration and Coloring Form (PDF)  *** Please enroll before submission***

Enquiries: [email protected]

Website: Click Here 

Source of Information: HKCNP 

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