Organization: NICE (Never-ending International workCamps Exchange)

Details: The group was formed in 1996 to collect donations to buy and protect the land, to build an eco-resort to enjoy nature, to maintain forests, to create a pond for dragonflies, etc…We will do a various work to care of the forest such as cutting trees & branches, maintaining the footpaths, etc… We will also help to organize some events (e.g., to collect edible wild plants, nature observation) in their field and to open up new projects (apiculture, biomass energy etc.).

Background: Organized together with is ‘Akame no Mori wo Mamoru kai’, a local environmental NPO, since 1998.

Duration: 13/04-08/07/2012; 08/06-02/09/2012; 06/07-30/09/2012; 31/08-25/11/2012; 28/09-21/12/2012; 23/11/2012-18/02/2013; 11/01-07/04/2013; 22/02-19/05/2013

Website: Click Here

Nature: Workcamp

Region: Asia/International

Source of Information: Website of NICE