Go.Asia’s “Think. Eat. Save – Be a “No Leftover” Citizen!” photo collection activity was featured at the front page of the United Nation Environment Programme webpage.

No Leftovers Pledge in Hong Kong

Go.Asia is organizing a photo collection campaign on Facebook to help spread this year’s WED theme. Individuals and celebrities are invited to submit a photo holding the campaign logo. By doing so, the participants are pledging to treasure food and the resources that go into its production, by minimizing leftovers, donating surplus food, and other actions.

Among the NGOs and groups participating are the Hong Kong NGOs Greeners Action’s No Leftover Campaign, Cheung Chau’s Food Recycle Land project, Food Grace’s Food Recycling Scheme, Feeding Hong Kong, Food Angel and St. James Settlement People’s Food Bank.  Go.Asia founder Mr. Donnie Yen and his wife Miss Cissy Wang make their “no leftovers” pledge in this photo.

No Leftovers Pledge on Facebook
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Source: United Nation Environment Programme