Festival is always a good timing to share your happiness with friends and families. If you’ve to present a gift in any upcoming parties, you may take below charity or fair trade products into consideration.

He She “Eat” 

Ibakery – Sharing sweet bites of Christmas (Price from $56 to $178. Enjoy early Bird discount before Nov 30)

Orbis HK – Cookies for Christmas ($185/ box, Order deadline on Nov 23 and Dec 19)

Light On Charity

Enjoy 5% of purchase will be donated to Light On, helping disaster relief and school rebuilding projects in Nepal

Scarf For Him (USD$40)

Scarf for Her (USD 38)

Green Travel – You are never walk alone

EARTH.er brand new design “EBONY MARINE” poncho jacket (UNISEX)(Price $830)

– Materials are natural dyed on tough and heavy duty canvas fabric and thick warm jersey sleeve.

Home Sweet Home

HK Fair Trade – Love and Fair Hangers ($129)

You are What you Read

Planting HK ($68)

– The one and only publication with comprehensive information about local agricultural development, source and sustainability.

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Orbis Hong Kong


Fair Circle

Light On

Om Ethnic Handicraft

Planting HK