Death is a forbidden topic to be discussed openly in many countries, especially in the traditional Chinese society. In recent years, death education, along with death itself, has gained more attention and discussion. Meanwhile, “Forget Thee Not”, a Hong Kong green funeral services provider organization, attempts to involve green elements in funerals to avoid unnecessary wastage.

Dr. Fan Ning, the Chairperson of “Forget Thee Not”, believes that the best gift to the next generation would be a nice and sustainable environment. Regarding the situation in Hong Kong, green funerals are still associated with roughness and the impression of improper, and the usage rate of green coffins is still extremely low. Therefore, “Forget Thee Not” aims to break the society’s deeply-rooted lifeless and agony feelings to funerals, inspiring people to reflect the cultural values behind – “Forget Thee Not” values the environment as much as they value the deceased.

Every single one of us is unique, so are our funerals; a true heart of respect and love to the deceased matters more than the ceremonial. Undoubtedly, choosing the traditional Chinese forms of funerals are not necessarily equal to wasteful or conservative. Yet, the green funerals could be the new choice in this new generation!

Photo Credits & Source of Information: Forget Thee NotForget Thee Not FacebookPMM Media

Contributor: Kapo Tsang