Elim Chew is the founder of the street wear brand, 77th Street. She got the award for the most Promising Woman Entrepreneur in 2001 by the Singapore Association of Small and Medium Enterprises

In addition to expanding her retail businesses, Elim lent her expertise, experience and time to various youth organisations in Singapore. Elim is the director of *Scape. She co-founded Singapore Street Festival – a platform for showcasing local talents in areas such as performing arts, visual art forms, fashion, entertainment and sports, The Young Entrepreneur Mastery (TYEM) – a non-profit academy that supported youth entrepreneurship and inculcated an entrepreneurial mindset in out-of-school youths. Elim was also a founding member and director of the Social Innovation Park (SIP),a social enterprise incubator which aimed to provide a replicable set of integrated services and resources that would help create a platform to support social entrepreneurs’ business models that advocated societal change. Through this platform, she championed Pop and Talent Hub, the first social enterprise talent development platform in Singapore which gathered talents from social homes, institutions and also professional artists to sell their artworks with the objective of making them self-reliant.

Causes Supported:
Youth Development

Source of information:
Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports

Photo Credit: canon.com.sg

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