Organizer:Society for Abandoned Animals

Details:Our target participants are animal lovers, parents or families, school teachers and corporations who concern animal welfare, nature conservations, etc. Participants are required to attend training programs to improve their knowledge and understanding, not only on animals, but also the role and function of CAA and SAA.  They are required to take part in different fund raising events, education campaign, dog walker program and help spreading SAA’s motto to the community. The CAA program will also organize various activities like barbecues or fun day for participants to make the best of their spare-time and to exchange experience with other CAA members.

Background:Society for Abandoned Animals’ motto is “Love Animal, Respect Life, No Killing or Abandoning”.  SAA is now the biggest animal sanctuary in Hong Kong – accepting and taking care of abandoned animals of the city.

Duration : Whole year

Website:Click Here


Region:Hong Kong

Source Society for Abandoned Animals’s webite