Organization: The Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association (HKAAA) and Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited

Details: The Programme features:
(1) Cross-Curriculum Project-Based Teaching Kits
A set of bi-lingual teaching kits customised for different class levels, offering various fun-filled project-based activities and themed activities.

(2) Large-Scale Extra-Curricular Activities
. “Give Me 5” Campaign
. Cheer for the Runners Campaign
. Runners Development Programme
. Little Reporters

Background: Developed specifically for all primary and secondary school students of Hong Kong, with the full support of the Education Bureau, Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Marathon 101 Education Programme comprises a mixed subject curriculum with a fun and interesting marathon theme. Additionally, it allows youngsters to know more about this wholesome sport and cultivates a healthy lifestyle. This Programme enables them to live out the marathon spirit and to contribute actively to our community as well as the annual foremost sports event through a variety of extra-curricular activities.

Duration: October 2012, subject to various activities

Website:  Click here

Nature:  Hands-on

Region:  Hong Kong

Source of Information: Marathon 101 Education Programme