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In response to unrealistically unaffordable real estate price in Hong Kong which leads to the emergence of subdivided flat with inhumane living environment that the less powerful were forced to rent, Light Be launched Light Home in 2013.

Light Be acted as the go-between of property owners who eager to help and tenants in need. For property owners, their apartments are rented to the groups of less privileged who individually would not be able to afford the rental price to form a supporting community among the living space and receive stable income over a period of time since Light Be would be responsible for all issues happen in the apartment. Hence, tenants are reviewed in detail before selection in order to match the right families such as single-parent family together. Furthermore, reviewing tenants’ profile allow Light Be to set affordable rent for each tenant specifically to assist tenants for most difficult times of their life. Yet, tenants with the help of Light Be to acquire vocationally or any other life-bettering skills have to move out from Light Home within 3 years so that others in need could move in.

Balance of society and business: social realty company

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Last but not least, cooperating with the government, Light Housing was launched. Light Be revitalized the worn-out factory building in Sham Tseng which now provides more than 50 accommodation spaces now and at the same time utilizing unused real estate resources.

Source of information: Light Be

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