Andy Hui entered the entertainment industry after winning his first-runner-up title in a singing contest in 1986. Hui was then appreciated by local diva Anita Mui and their duet earned him higher popularity.

Hui’s passion in charity was observed in his singing for various charitable organizations and personal donation for school building in the mountainous area in Guizhou. He was the first artiste to be nominated by United Hearts, a charitable group focusing on children’s benefits, on the personalization of a Hope Primary School, where about 350 impoverished children living around could pick up their studies again.

Hui won the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection in 2005 and established his charitable foundation Andy Hui Global Foundation Limited in March, 2006 to start providing voluntary services for those in need. In the forthcoming future, Hui plans to set up a volunteer training and rewarding scheme in hope of delegating well-trained voluntary workers to provide the mentally-disabled and the elderly with services including but not limited to haircut and household cleaning.

Causes Supported:
Children & Youth, Elderly, Emergency Relief, Health & Medicine, Disable, Poverty

Source of Information:
Andy Hui Global Foundation Limited
Hong Kong Art & Design Festival

Photo Credit: 許志安Andy Hui | Facebook