Story Highlight

  1. When there is over abundant harvest, the price of crop will be forced to reduce drastically. Peasant will then lose money.
  2. Everything starts by a man who hopes to help the poor farmers to overcome the price issue. He purchases all abandon crops to help maintain a better price for the harvest.
  3. He takes the crop back and let anyone interested to take the crop for free. People can donate money but it is not compulsory.
  4. Next day, he cooked the left over crop. People take it and donate more money.
  5. Therefore, he keeps purchasing the remaining crop on a daily basis.
  6. A year later, the donation covered the cost and the net income earn can help him to hire additional staff to run the program.
  7. He then invited elderly home and nursery school to join their program
  8. Every day the program will provide free meal to feed 600 people
  9. Single elderly and  low income families are also benefited
  10. People from the neighborhood are also welcome to bring in different ingredients to exchange for free meal
  11. The organization is able to provide free meal to over 10 charities organizations
  12. When there is unfinished vegetables, the old lady volunteers will help to make preserved vegetables, pickled cucumber and dried beans
  13. The future plan is to establish a food bank to collect more abandon crop and help the needy

Source:Hand-in-Hand Teen’s Service Center
Photo: Hand-in-Hand Teen’s Service Center Official Facebook Page