The True Meaning of Holiday
The true meaning of the holiday has never been consumption and waste, such as Christmas, it is widely known as a day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ; New Year is a time for  family and friends’ gathering. Yet, no one knows since when, holiday has been linked with gifts, decorations, and massive consumption.

Gifts and Parties Waste 
Each year, there are too many festivals, holidays, parties and celebrations. We have created too much waste, consumed too much resources which are not necessary.

Research conducted by Green Sense at 2009 and 2011 respectively shows that in Hong Kong, almost 370,000 pieces of christmas gift have been thrown away each year, which approximately can fill up 9 double-decker buses. In which, items like mugs, photo frames, furnishings, dolls and key chains are most ‘popular’. 31% of the respondents claimed their gifts will be idle for more than three years, 12% said they just left the gifts idle.

Apart from gifts (including the packages) and decorations, massive food waste always comes along with parties and dinners. Meanwhile, the use of disposable utensils creates unrecoverable environmental damages.

Meaningful Holiday

Think about what is the true meaning of holiday to you. Is it a must to send the gifts? Do the recipients really need them? Or, is there any other options, say, purchase from local designs, sending DIY products, green gifts or making donations to charity on behalf?

Here we create the GIFT IDEAS section to share our gifts pick. For your convenience and reference, we have categorised the gift ideas according to the price level, which are ” Gifts Below HK$ 200 ” , “Gifts HK$ 200 – 500 ” and “Gifts Above HK$ 500“. You may also refer to “Links”  and “DIY Ideas” for more inspirations.

You may also check out the “Go Beyond the Mall” activity and look for some good local stuff made by local small shop or young passionate artists.

Let’s have a meaningful & green holiday!

Reference:Green Sense ;  World of Simon Chau 

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