Organization: NICE (Never-ending International workCamps Exchange)

Details: The situation of organic farming within Japan is still very challenging. We will learn about the history of tea in Japan, help farmers and try to involve more of the local community! We began making a tea park that might become a symbol of Wazuka town. Divide into groups that help and learn from farmers. Organize a one day event in Wazuka that further involves the community in their redevelopment movement.

Background: Organized together with a society for the study of producing organic Japanese tea since 2001. There are some farmers who produce entirely organic tea, while others only do it in part. We want to activate this area through tea for the future development.

Duration: 21/07-22/07/2012; 17/11-18/11/2012

Website: Click Here

Nature: Workcamp

Region: Asia/International

Source of Information: Website of NICE