Victoria LAM Kin-ming , Hong Kong Actress.

In 2001, Victoria got depression after an accident during a shoot, the backdrop fell and hit her back brain. She founded the Joyful (Mental Health) Foundation in 2004, though she wasn’t fully recovered from her illness at the time. Through the foundation’s work, she was dedicated to publicize correct information about mood disorders and other mental health issues, and help sufferers to find their way out.

Under her leadership, Joyful also puts on exhibitions in the community with the aim of broadening understanding and to fight discrimination against people with mood disorders. Although Victoria still can’t resume duty in her show business, she’s now working hard on her second career, planning to extend the counseling services and establish a therapy centre for mood disorders in 10-year time.

Causes Supported:
Health & Medicine

Source of Information:
Joyful (Mental Health) Foundation
The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

Photo Credit:
Next Media