Thanks to The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited, a series of advertorial has published in July to further promote the Think.Cook.Save. Health and Food Education Program through mass media channels.

About Think.Cook.Save.
The concept of “Think.Cook.Save” aims to promote healthy eating and the cherishing of food resources amongst the younger generation through interactive activities and cooking demonstrations. The FOOD concept is introduced, so as to provide a guideline on designing a nutritious meal, including the allocation of grains, organic vegetables and fruit, omega fatty acids and water. Approximately 70 school visits will be arranged in the first year to talk about health and food and to demonstrate some basic easy cooking technique to students.

Think : To acquire the basics of food knowledge and learn what a healthy diet is
Cook : Cooking is fun & easy
Save : Treasure your food: in other words, be grateful and be good stewards of the environment

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