Every year MSF sends around 2,500 international field workers to work alongside 25,000 locally hired staff in countries around the world to provide emergency medical assistance to people whose survival is threatened by armed conflict, epidemics, malnutrition, exclusion from health care or natural disasters.

And here a young passionated man, Vincent Pao, at his age of 28, was inspired and left his job as a nurse last winter, and join MSF to serve people in South Sudan for half a year.

Vincent is the youngest field worker (from Hong Kong region) with MSF. He was inspired by a Japanese cartoon and later determined to develop his career in medical care industry. When MSF was awarded the Noble Prize Award in 1999, Vincent has decided to join the team one day as to serve the needs.

“It is always my dream to save more lives. Many people have a doubt on my ability, but I work really hard to show them and myself that I can do it … I ain’t able to save every life, but this is an invaluable experience … I wish my experience could help to encourage more teenagers to strive for their dreams.” said Vincent .

If you have a dream, strive for it and never give up.

To read more about Vincent’s life with MSF , click here (Chinese only).

Source : Apple Daily, MSF

Image: Vincent Pao