Introduction: The A Drop of Life Limited (LLCS) has been sparing no effort in all kinds of charity works since its incorporation. Regular activities include: raising funds to build rain-saving water cellars in the arid regions in Mainland China, as well as organizing relief efforts for natural disaster victims, education support and poverty relief programs. Locally we also organize large-scale variety shows for the elderly across 18 districts in Hong Kong, giving away gift-packs and making regular visits to elderly homes. Since 2004, we have been actively involved in the rain-saving water cellar project. So far, 30,000 water cellars have been completed in China’s dry Northwest, helping more than 150,000 people resolve the water shortage problem, with more than 500,000 people benefiting from our various charitable activities.
Year of Establishment: 1998
Leading Campaigns: The rain-saving water cellar project
Service: Disaster Relief, Education, Poverty, Elderly
Region: Hong Kong
Source: The A Drop of Life Limited

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