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TREATS is dedicated to providing various integration services to all children and youth (aged 6 to 18), especially those who are mentally, physically, emotionally, or socially challenged.

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Wai Ji Christian Service

Wai Ji Christian Service seeks to develop and maintain a diverse yet innovative range of services, facilities, programmes, research and educational activities, in partnership with the families of people with disabilities and with the wider community.

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The Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association

The Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association believes that people with disabilities are able to achieve their full potential and enjoy the maximum opportunity to determine every aspect of their lives, ensuring rights and opportunities within a supportive environment, in order to improve their living quality.

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The Children Charity Association

The Children Charity Association was founded by the wives of eight prestigious businessmen of Taiwan in early 1990’s. Since then, these eight ladies have been serving as the founding honorary advisors, to promote charity works for underprivileged children in Taiwan. In 1993, the second generation of these advisors set up the steering committee, and to become directly involved in the charity operation of the Association.

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Yellow House

Yellow House aims to serve orphans and the poor mountainous Chinese school children, to train local students to participate in voluntary works, to promote the life learning education to young people in Hong Kong.

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