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The Aged University

The Aged University was found in 1994 by a group of people who care about the elderly in Taiwan. With the spirit of Life-long Learning, Life-long Playing, the University provide a platform which allow the elderly to have leisure, to learn and to make friends.

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Earthwatch Institute

Earthwatch’s mission is to engage people worldwide in scientific field research and education in order to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment.. Earthwatch works all over the world, and whether it be protecting threatened species and fragile habitats, or researching the impacts of climate change, we work with local communities who benefit from our presence, sustaining indigenous cultures and livelihoods.

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Maternal and Child Care Association

The organisation will be established by law for the purpose of non-profit community groups to support the Government policy, combined with community resources to promote maternal and child and elderly care issues related to personnel training and strength, enhance well-being of women and children and the elderly for the purpose of this administrative region of the country will organize regional .

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