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More Than Honey

More Than Honey is a documentary by Markus Imhoof who travelled to four continents in order to interview scientists and bee-keepers about having bee farms. “If bees were to disappear from the globe…mankind would have four years left to live.” These words, quoted in the film, could be prophetic: Bees are dying in record numbers, for reasons scientists don’t fully understand.

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Water: The Great Mystery

As we all know, water is basically the source of every life in this earth. No one can live without it. If you are interested in deeper knowledge of the water you drink, how it effects your body, why do we need to protect this natural resources, check it out.

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我們經常提到最珍惜食物、珍惜地球上的資源,而「水」在其中擔當著極為重要的角色。 說水是「生命之源」,相信沒有人是反對。但大家對水的了解又有多少?  「水的奥秘」是一部解構水的紀錄片。假如你 …...

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The Swimsafe Sharks 項目

在泰國,每年因溺水而死亡的人數有近2,650人;溺水更是泰國一歲以上兒童的死亡主要原因。The Swimsafe Sharks 項目旨在興建游泳池,為孩子們提供游泳安全訓練。按此了解更多。

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放映推介: 地球公民

地球公民(又譯【地球上的生靈】),是一套耗時5年搜集證據和拍攝錄影的長篇記錄片,於2003年在美國上映。本片揭露人類文明背後的血腥與自私。內容關於人類如何依靠動物為生 (如作為寵物、食物、衣物、休閒娛樂、以及科學實驗),但同樣顯示出人類如何不尊重這些所謂”非人類供應者”的生命。影片共分為10段落,部分鏡頭涉及暴力血腥,或會引起觀看者不適。

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