Social Enterprise is an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in financial, social and environmental well-being. This may include maximizing social impact alongside profits for external shareholders. It was firstly put forward by Freer Spreckley in the UK in 1978 and its getting popular in Asia 2010s.

From ideas to practice, entrepreneurs translate ideals into output value

In 2011, Social Enterprise Insights(SEI) started with the first Mandarin-based website and online platform sharing information about social innovation and social entrepreneurship from Taiwan, with over 3000 articles and millions of website readers / visitors to date. In addition to the media role, Social Enterprise Insights curates offline events (annual thousand-participant forums and skills workshops) for networking opportunities, as well as incubates early-stage social entrepreneurs in Taiwan for fostering and supporting business for social good.

From entrepreneurship to industry, policies that move towards a new era

SEI has rapidly grown as the outstanding online information portal about social enterprise & innovation from Taiwan in 5 years. SEI aims to share relevant knowledge and connect the dots together in the field, hoping to get people informed, inspired, and ignited. SEI’s founder and CEO Sunny Lin was recognized as “100 Heroes of the Year” of Global Views Monthly and “Innovative Entrepreneurship” by Common Wealth Magazine of Taiwan in 2013 & 2014. To make their visionary approach step forward, SEI successfully serves as a launchpad raising visibility and networking opportunities of social enterprises in Taiwan to the global stage, as well as a hub for international communities to more understand the vibrant social enterprise sector in Taiwan.

2017:From niche to mainstream, from social enterprises to social innovations

According to Sunny, running SEI is something new and no one ever did in Taiwan. From introducing social enterprises information online to organising offline activities and iLaB incubators to link up investors and potential social enterprises, it’s all up to readers’s response. See the number of volunteers and supporters growing year by year drives us to foster more local social enterprises with consultations along the years.” According to Youth Mobility Index(YMI) by DotAsia, Taiwan is ranked #5 out of 20 localities across Asia, in which the trade mobility ranks #3 which is favourable to young entrepreneurs who are ready to start-up. Besides, Taiwan ranks  #1 in the LifeX indicator which could bring up all-rounded cultural & digital experiences in many many ways.


Is there any tips for young people who are planning to start up their own social enterprise? PASSION and PATIENCE

“Before starting up, be patience to attain as much experience and network as possible. When you’re ready, you have to give wholeheartedly and never stop learning. That’s very important. What you want doesn’t matter, what you do does. Let’s start from real action.”

If you’re interested in contributing your insights and ideas about social enterprises, SEI is hiring content editor (Please click here for details), go give a try!

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