Ming Gor is non ordinary chef who steps beyond his kitchen at Pei Ho Barbecue Restaurant. Being an owner of his restaurant at Shum Shui Po, Ming Gor further transforms his passion for cookery into charitable action by giving out free meal to homeless people and individuals in need.

Ming Gor and his “Free Meal Campaign” can date back to his first collaboration with “Equal Sharing Campaign” in 2011, where he volunteered to carry out large- scale free meal giveaway every month to ensure individuals in need would not suffer from starving. His action has moved many individuals in Hong Kong. More and more people donate money to support his volunteering giveaway and finally he managed to carry out free meal giveaway every week under the help from all over the districts. At the same time, individuals also support him by purchasing meal tickets, which are then passed into the hands of the underprivileged in exchange for free meal at Ming Gor’s Pei Ho Barbecue Restaurant

As Ming Gor continues to give away free meal, he also gradually receives media coverage which further extend his volunteering activity beyond Shum Shiu Po— up to now, more than 20 restaurants over 13 districts have been inspired to follow the campaign and give away free meal. Apart from restaurant, numerous local residents, including students and young adults, have also supported the campaign through the purchase of free meal tickets. As Ming Gor remembers, there was even a random encounter spending HK$20000 on free meal tickets to reserve meal for those in need. Ming Gor’s movement has inspired millions of us to take one step further and care about the starving ones in this cosmopolitan city

While rushing to prepare and give away free meal to the needy, Ming Gor also strives to provide the best and cheapest meal (as low as HK$15 per meal) to all despite skyrocketing food price in Hong Kong. Ming Gor respects the value of individual through his respect for food and we as the part of the community respect Ming Gor as the innovator to volunteering activity.


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Photo: HK Magazine