Lai Lei Ha, who has been serving the Wong Tai Sin elderly community for years, seeing that food price has been going up so quickly , even a fish balls noodles may cost $30. Food has become so expensive, especially towards elderly. Some elderly might only have 1 meal per day. All these have urging Lai to launch the “Meal Assisting Project” for the local elderly community. The Project is 100% sponsored by local community, they purchase lunchbox from restaurants at market price and re-sell them to elderly at a discount. On one hand, they assist elderly to maintain their living, meanwhile and more important, to protect their dignity.

Lai admitted that she is not able to afford the cost of giving out free lunch box, therefore, she is trying her very best to do what she can.

The Project has just kicked started in this April, they plan to sell 300 lunch boxes at the local service centre at noon, from Monday to Friday, where people have to pay $10 only.  And next step, is to provide job opportunities for people who have hearing impairment.

Lai reminded us, as long as we are willing to do something, something can be happened. If one is doing something good, other “good” energy will come to you automatically.

Source: Oriental Daily